piedmont, turin, italy

The National Italian Foundation chose Piedmont, the region of Turin, to become the “Region of Honor” of the year. For twelve months, the Foundation will promote art, history, culture, tourism, food, technology and anything that characterizes it.

The initiative aims to organize several events to show the Piedmont heritage to the Americans and keep alive the link for those who have origins in this Italian region (in the United States there are more than 20 million Italian Americans).

Until April 2017 the NIAF put the spotlight on Piedmont: the highlight will be the annual gala in New York scheduled 22 March 2017. The first major gala event just happened on the last October 16, 2016 in Washington: more than 1500 guests have tasted a dinner based on Piedmontese wines and products.

Another great showcase for Piedmont and Turin!

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