THIS WEEK IN TURIN (16 – 18 November)

Like every week, here there are some suggestions about what to do in Turin from 16 to 18 of November.

Wednesday – 16 November

Arturo Brachetti show.

It will be staged at the Teatro della Concordia, in Venaria, with “Solo”, his new show. The artist will open the doors of his house, a surreal scenario without space and time, which combine truth and fiction, reality and magic, with more than 50 characters offered to the public for the first time, and wonderful art forms that come together to transformation, such as shadow puppetry, mime and chapeugraphie, plus great new features such as sand painting and the laser beam.


Friday – 18 November

Ladies and gentlemen, once again we celebrate the inauguration of the Turin Film Festival: discover it with us.

turin film festival

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