The exhibition ” Depero the Futurist. The Art of the future “, host by the Galleria Matteotti, take the visitor through thirty works of Fortunato Depero, born in Fondo in 1892 and disappeared in Rovereto in 1960.

The exhibition features paintings, tempera, watercolor ink and pencil sketches for advertising, which express the “style Depero ‘, his versatility and a” fantastic figuration, mechanical, robotic. ” Observing the works chosen for this occasion, it captures the essence of a research and experimentation: “The art of the future will be powerfully advertising” (said Depero about advertising art from the Manifesto, 1931This statement becomes document and image of his vision, identified by sketch for the Campari 1927 and the composition “Witch (Liquor),” performed with colored pencils in the late twenties.


Friend of Giacomo Balla and the Swiss poet Gilbert Clavel, author of tapestries, puppets and drawings for the costumes and the sets for a ballet with music by Stravinsky, Depero has exhibited at the Quadrennial in Turin and, in 1925, with Prampolini and Balla, all ‘ international Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris, in the hall dedicated to Futurism. Of a foreground of the visual culture of the ‘900, can be seen, among the works, the painting “Crystal Ballerina 2” bowed “Reader and automatic embroiderer” and the “Ballet of pencils” made in pencil and ink on paper

Where: Galleria Matteotti

When: until 30 December (hours: Tuesday – Saturday 16-19:30, tel. 3355298305,, until 30 December).

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