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Until February 12, Camera, the Italian center for Photography based in Turin, will host the exhibition “Around Ai Weiwei, Photographs 1983-2016”, a collection of photographic and Chinese artist’s video production.
The exhibition, curated by Davide Quadrio, developed a retrospective dedicated to Ai Weiwei: it will investigate the poetry of the famous and discussed Chinese artist and activist along the different stages of his career, through careful look at the documentary elements that surround his life. The figure of Weiwei is not clear and its artistic practice is easy misunderstanding, ambiguously located halfway between activism and marketing and often obscured by his excellent skills as a communicator. The hope is that this further initiative artist name can shed light on a controversial figure, through a necessary deepening of its most sincere work and away from recent delusions of wonder and complacency.

When: until February 12

Where: Camera, Italian Center of Photography (Turin)

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