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Another time the city Turin surprise for its heritage richness.

According to AN ARTICLE appeared on the scientific journal “Plos one”, the mummified leg kept in the Egyptian Museum of Turin could belong to the Queen Nefertari, favorite wife of Pharaoh Ramses II.

“This is the first ever multidisciplinary research performed on these remains. – explain Raffaella Bianucci, researcher in the Department of Legal Medicine, University of Turin – Maybe we could finally identificate of this remains as belonged to Nefertari.

The Egyptian Museum researcher Frederick Poole followed the tests on the findings: X-rays, radiocarbon dating 14 and comparative measurements: “Everything I can say is that no facts have emerged in contrast to the Allocation at the Queen Nefertari”.


According to the study, the legs belong to a woman approximately 40 years, one meter and 65 centimeters high and the materials used for embalming correspondents with the Period of Ramses II. ”

Nefertari’s  tomb was discovered in 1904 by the italian egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli. The tomb was plundered but many historical relief items were found. “Among these remainsthere was two mummified legs, which were bring to the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Everybody consider it as the remains of the Queen, despite not ever being analyzed scientifically.” The time is gone.

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