TORINO -Good news for the city of Turin! The Turin Palace Hotel has been awarded by Tripadvisor as the best hotel in Italy.

This recognition comes from the special classification “Travelers’ Choice Hotel Awards 2017” who, for seventeen consecutive years, collects the opinions of travelers all over the world thus establishing who stands out.

And the Turin facility, located in Via Sacchi 8, just behind the renovated station of Porta Nuova, beat all in Italy and has positioned itself on the podium – third after Mandapa Ritx-Carlton Reserve in Budup, Indonesia and l ‘ air Hotel in Budapest – in the world rankings done by 7,607 hotels in 109 different countries.

The average cost for a night is 170 euro compared with an Italian average of his class of 324 €. But it is not just this that has enabled the bags via structure to win. The hotel, housed in a prestigious 1850 building, has been completely restored, creating, according to those who have made the reviews on Tripadvisor, elegant atmosphere, rich in history and with the most modern amenities. In total there are 126 rooms, an indoor garage, the restaurant “Les Petites Madeleines”, a relaxing Spa and appreciated, a large rooftop terrace.

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