devil's gate - turin, toirno, italy

Torino has many esoteric buildings and symbols: the Devil’s Front Gate it is one of these.

Now this place it’s the headquarters of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, in Via XX Settembre in Turin, but this palace and this front gate dates back several centuries years ago.

The Devil’s Gate was sculpted in 1675 by a factory in Paris at the request of John the Baptist Cheats Levaldigi, Earl and General of Finance of Carlo Emanuele II. The door is a beautiful piece of art: carved in wood, adorned with fruits, flowers, cupids and various symbols.

But the detail maybe more interesting, and disturbing, is the clapper in the middle representing a grinning devil peering passersby. It is from this detail that the door took its famous name.

There’s another “magic” version about this front gate. The legend tell that the gate appeared one night from the nowhere: that night a magician apprentice prayed to the devil and dark energies. The devil, bothered for these requests, punished the apprentice trapping him inside the clapper.

devil gate torino, turin, italy

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