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In March Torino will host the exhibition of treasures and relics found inside the boat in the dephts of the ocean.

‘Titanic- the Artifact Exhibition ” will be open from March 18 until June 25, at the Promoter of Fine Arts (Via Diego Balsamo Crivelli, Turin).

To understand the dramatic conditions of the passengers during the sinking of April 15, 1912, within the halls an ice wall will be placed: a sheet that you can touch. The exhibition contains 4 thousand objects found , items belonged to the passengers and authentic pieces of the ship, but not only. A first-class cabin and a third class will be faithfully reproduced in full scalewith screen movies of the time.

Turin is the first italian city to host this unique exhibition. So, if you want touch and experience one dramatic and famous piece of history, come in Torino, Italy!

For more information visit: http://www.mostratitanic.it/. Texts are in italian, but if you net some advice or translate contact me!

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